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Book Review: Alzheimers Essentials - Practical Skills for Caregivers


Updated: August 27, 2005

The authors, Bretten C. Gordeau and Jeffrey Hillier, have kept this book 'short by design'. It contains essential information about Alzheimer's disease and one of the main reasons I can recommend this book is that it is very easy to read.

'Alzheimer's Essentials -Practical Skills for Caregivers', provides key information about Alzheimer's disease. It is an introduction to what you can expect to happen when someone has Alzheimer's.
The book suggests approaches to planning for the future as well as caregiving strategies for dealing with the different types of behavior, treatment options and the importance of caregivers caring for themselves too.

It is a very good book for families who need an overview on Alzheimer's disease. It does not go into any great depth on any of the subject areas but you feel are armed with huge amounts of information about the disease, what to do and where to get further information.

Alzheimer's Essentials-Practical Skills for Caregivers. Written by Bretten C. Gordeau and Jeffrey Hillier, PhD
Published by Carma Publishing 2005

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