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Statistics About the Financial Costs of Alzheimer's Disease


Updated: September 23, 2006

The costs of caring for people with Alzheimer's are huge.

US costs

  • The annual direct and indirect costs of caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease is $100 billion

  • The average lifetime cost of care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease is $174,000

  • The yearly cost of caring for someone with Alzheimer's depends on the stage of the disease.
    $18,400 for someone with mild symptoms
    $30,100 for moderate symptoms
    $36,132 for severe symptoms.

  • Alzheimer's disease costs business $24.6 billion in health care

  • In the US 7 out of 10 people with Alzheimer's live at home where 75% of costs are absorbed by the family. The remaining 25% of care costs cost an average $19,000 a year

  • It is estimated that Alzheimer's caregivers cost business $36.5 billion. This include the costs of absenteeism and lost productivity.

  • The average cost of a nursing home in the US is $42,000 a year. However in some areas those costs can be at least $70,000

  • Medicare costs for beneficiaries with Alzheimer’s disease were $91 billion in 2005. Medicare costs are expected to increase by 75% to $160 billion in 2010

  • Medicaid expenditures on residential dementia care were $21 billion in 2005. These cost are estimated to rise by 14% to $24 billion in 2010
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