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50 Activity Ideas for Someone with Alzheimer's


Updated: May 24, 2006

Many of these activities require no planning and others may need a little preparation. I'd love to add to the list so if you have any useful activities you'd like to share please email me:

Rake leaves
Use the carpet sweeper
Read out loud
Feed fish and care for the tank
Look up names in the phone book
Read the daily paper out loud
Ask someone to visit
Listen to music
Plant seeds indoors or out
Look at family photographs

Clean & top up the bird bath
Weed the flower bed
Fold clothes
Have a friend visit with a calm pet
Cut pictures out of greeting cards
Polish silverware
Baking / mixing
Sort objects by shape or color
Sing old songs
Go for a drive/ride

Take a walk
Reminisce about 1st day of school
Ask simple trivia questions
Make a salad
Sweep the patio
Fold towels
Have afternoon tea
Paint a picture
Cut out paper shapes
Make a family tree poster

Put feed out for the birds
Water house plants
Reminisce about the first kiss
Sing favorite hymns
Make homemade ice cream
Make Christmas / Birthday cards
Write a letter to a family member
Make popcorn
Give a manicure

Finish famous sayings
Feed the ducks
Mold with play dough
Put a puzzle together
Polish wood
Rub in hand lotion
Arrange fresh flowers
Remember famous people
Straighten out underwear drawer

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