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Readers Share their experiences of Alzheimer's

Share your experience of Alzheimer's. Have you been diagnosed with Alzheimer's? Are you a caregiver or a professional person? Everyone has a story to share.
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Nurse's Story About Alzheimer's Disease
A nurse who works with people with Alzheimer's has changed her life for the better.
Shirley Shares Her Story About Alzheimer's
Shirley, an About.com Alzheimer's disease reader, shares her experiences of caregiving for her husband, Carlos. We thank her for sharing her story about Alzheimer's disease.
My Garden for Alzheimer's
Alzheimer's is a time of change and reflection. Gardens make a wonderful place for colors, textures, seasonal changes. Secure gardens for people with dementia like Alzheimer's are easy to develop.
Natasha Readers Story About Alzheimer's
Depression is common in Alzheimer's disease. This reader began to realized something was wrong with her mother. Her mother found it difficult to carry out tasks that had come naturally to her before. Her personality changed from a fun loving happy person to an anxious depressed individual. The family thought did not realize or understand what was happening at first.
Lesley's Tip Reminiscence Manuals
To help staff at the nursing home “know” mum and keep mum’s memories alive for her Lesley Smith wrote out her mother's life story with photos She enlarged other photos, identified them and put them in a folder. The staff found this very helpful and it helped them care for her better
Hielio's Story.: Love Cannot be Destroyed by Alzheimer's Disease
Hielio's Story is about his anger about Alzheimer's disease. Anger that society seems to accept that age equates to Alzheimer's and that somehow makes it OK. Through anger Hielio finds that faith and God redeem the sadness through love.[br] A beautiful story contributed by a reader of Alzheimers at About.com readerdirectly
Stacey's Story
Stacey's story is about her mother. It is deeply moving. She is able to express in just a few paragraphs her great sadness and despair. It is a story that will touch your hearts and will mirror many other people's experiences of Alzheimer's disease
Terry and His Wife's Story About Alzheimer's Disease
Called "Kidnapping Mama" Terry Sanville and his wife have written this moving account of their experiences of his mother's struggle with Alzheimer's disease.
Bob Tell's Story About Alzheimer's
Bob tells us a story about Minnie's declining abilities and her decline into Alzheimer's disease
Reader's Story LaVerne Decision
LaVerne and her brother decided not to tell our her Mom that she had Alzheimer's. Her mother had taken the death of her husband badly. The way she had reacted to that led to depression and memory problems. They did not want to risk further decline by giving her the bad news.
How to Send Your Story about Alzheimer's
We want to hear your story, experiences of Alzheimer's, poetry, funny incidents - anything you'd like to share with others.
A Reader's Story
A Social Worker's Personal and Professional Reflections on Alzheimer Disease and Autism
Everlyn's Story about Alzheimer's
Everlyn's Story about Alzheimer's
Laurie's Story
My daughter-in-law's sister wrote something about their Grandmother when she suffered from Alzheimer's.
My Mother My Child
Readers Story Alzheimer's
Patricia's Story
My boyfriend with Alzheimers. I will go on with my life with no regrets, because I know I kept him at home as long as I possible could. But not being able to help him now is hard on me but more important, hard on him.
Alzheimer's is hard for kids too
When a diagnosis of Alzheimer's is made it touches everyone. Very often kids are assumed not to understand or they blend so quietly into the background that their distress isn't really noticed. These two short stories by Alzheimer's readers show that not only do kids care enough to use resources like this site but they take the time and trouble to submit their stories.
Terry's Story about Alzheimer's Disease
My mother had a stroke in 1990 and and that was when she got Alzheimer's Disease. My dad had been taking care of her when the doctor made the diagnosis in 1995,that she had Alzheimer's Disease.
Tina's Story
My mother was a victim of Alzheimer's, she started showing symptoms in early 1995 and progressed slowly until summer of 1998. She then started to display destructive behavior and abusive language. This was I think the hardest for me as she was not like this before the disease struck.
The Sacred Journey
I must open my story by telling you that I do not have any answers. Alzheimer's is a devastating disease that takes its toll on the patient as well as the caregiver. What I can do here is share my experience with you, in hope that you find some of your own answers.
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