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Alzheimer's Awareness Month


Updated: November 1, 2005

November is for Alzheimer's Awareness

November is Alzheimer's awareness month. Worldwide it is estimated that about 16 million people have Alzheimer's disease, 4.5 million of them are Americans. For every person with Alzheimer's there is often at least one other person who directly cares for them and a host of healthcare & social workers, advocates, volunteers and support workers in the background. With so many people directly or indirectly affected by Alzheimer's it is good that a time of year is set aside to promote awareness.

It is not known what causes Alzheimer's disease and at present there is no cure. But there is hope and help for those people with Alzheimer's. Research into the disease is offering answers to many questions. The pooling of knowledge, the increasing amounts of international funding will one day provide us with the cause, with better ways of treating Alzheimer's and will hopefully provide a cure for Alzheimer's.

Until that day this site pays tribute to all the people who have Alzheimer's disease, to all those who strive to make the lives of people with Alzheimer's better. To all the caregivers who love and care, who daily give such a lot to help their loved ones we say a special thank you in recognition of your very special contribution.

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