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Working With Your Doctor

After a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, your physician becomes a critical part of your healthcare team. Learn how to choose the right doctor, what questions to ask, what information to bring to appointments, and how to decide whether to ask for a referral to a specialist.

Advocating for a Loved One with Dementia
How should you approach the hospital or facility staff if you have a concern about the care your family member with dementia is getting? Here are 9 tips to effectively advocate in health-care systems.

Q: My Dad, Who Has Alzheimer’s, Needs to Go to the ER. How Can I Help Him?
If you have a loved one with dementia who needs to go to the hospital emergency room, are you prepared? Review these tips to ease the stress for both of you.

How Do Infections Affect People with Dementia?
Learn which symptoms may indicate an infection in a loved one with dementia.

7 Reasons to Participate in a Clinical Trial for Alzheimer's Disease
Clinical trials for Alzheimer's disease, by their very nature, have risks. So why should you even consider participating in one?

Be a Successful Health Care Advocate for Your Family Member
When caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease, one of the most challenging caregiving roles is that of health care advocate. Adapted from a report by MetLife Mature Market Institute, here are some suggestions for becoming a successful health care advocate for your family member.

What To Ask Your Doctor About Alzheimer's Medications
If you're going to ask your doctor about Alzheimer's medications, it seems like your first question should be, "Which one works the best?" But according to the latest research, that's not exactly the case. Learn what to ask your doctor about treatments for Alzheimer's disease.

Who Do I See? Types of Alzheimer's Specialists
When it comes to Alzheimer's, seeing the right professional is crucial to receiving proper treatment. But who do you see? The medical field is split into so many specialties that finding the right professional can be daunting. Read on to determine what kind of expert will best meet your needs.

Holistic Approaches to Alzheimer's Disease
A holistic approach links mainstream medical treatments with both herbal supplements and attention to emotional health. Learn more about holistic health care approaches to Alzheimer's disease.

UCompare HealthCare from About.com
Make informed choices about doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and more in your neighborhood with About.com's UCompare HealthCare tool.

Improving Doctor/Caregiver Communications
The National Family Caregivers Association offers a summary of tips for both doctors and caregivers in order to enhance communication and treatment outcomes.

Communication Gaps Between Physicians and Caregivers
Even though physicians are often aware of what caregivers need to know about Alzheimer's, they are not effectively communicating this vital information. This report summarizes a study conducted for the Alzheimer's Association that uncovered communication gaps between physicians and caregivers.

A Guide For Older People: Talking With Your Doctor
In this guide, the National Institute on Aging explains how to choose the right doctor for you, how to prepare for your appointment, and how to share the information you need your doctor to know as well as get the information you need.

Has Your Doctor Given You This Questionnaire Yet?
The American Medical Association developed the Caregiver Self-Assessment Questionnaire to help doctors strengthen their partnerships with caregivers. If your doctor hasn't given you this questionnaire yet, I encourage you to ask for it, or print and complete your own copy so you can bring it to your next doctor's appointment.

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