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Study: Delay Alzheimer's by Drinking 3 Cups of Coffee a Day?

Learn about the benefits of coffee for your brain, and how it might be more than just the caffeine that is helpful.

Insulin Sensitizer Drug Demonstrates Potential for Alzheimer's

Early research suggests that insulin medications may be able to help treat or delay Alzheimer's disease.

Research Update: Retinal Imaging Can Detect Early Alzheimer's

Do the eyes have it? Learn what recent research says about diagnosing Alzheimer's disease by scanning the eyes for beta amyloid protein.

Want to Protect Your Brain from Alzheimer's? Learn Another Language

Want to keep your brain strong and reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease? Learn another language.

Brush Your Teeth- Save Your Brain?

Are there other benefits to clean teeth besides minty fresh breath? Learn how dental health might benefit your brain.

Delirium: Higher Chance of Death and Increased Risk of Dementia

Delirium can significantly impact both the immediate and long-term health of people. Understand its symptoms, risks and non-drug approaches.

10 Ways You Can Decrease Your Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Interested in preventing Alzheimer's and keeping your brain healthy? Here are 10 things you can do to decrease your risk of dementia.

Smoking Tobacco and Second Hand Smoke Exposure Increase Dementia Risk

Did you know that both smoking and second hand smoke could increase your risk of developing dementia? Save your lungs and your brain!

Alzheimer's Prevention Diet: 11 Foods that Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer's

Want to know what to eat to decrease your risk of Alzheimer's? Try these 11 foods for better brain health and functioning.

What's the Difference between a Medical Power of Attorney and a Guardian?

Learn about the important differences between guardianship and being designated as a medical power of attorney.

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