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Gift Ideas for People with Alzheimer's and Their Caregivers

Keeping It Simple


Updated March 04, 2009

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Books about Alzheimer's disease can make great gifts for caregivers.

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Are you at a loss when people ask for gift ideas for you and your care recipient? Make it easy for people with these simple guidelines:

  • Encourage people to give those with Alzheimer's disease useful gifts that provide safety or enjoyment. Examples include an identification bracelet (the Alzheimer's Association offers one through its MedicAlert + Safe Return program), easy-to-remove clothing, night lights for bedrooms and bathrooms, musical recordings, coffee table books with more pictures than text, and movies that the person is known to enjoy.

  • Encourage people to give you things that will make your life easier and/or enhance your well-being. Examples include vouchers for respite care, a free day at a spa (with respite care arranged), books and movies about Alzheimer's disease, offers to help you with housework or other chores, and donations to your favorite charity.

  • For great gift ideas for both you and your relative, try The Alzheimer's Store, which offers items such as medication dispensers, incontinence aids, door alarms, audiovisual materials, and products geared toward early-, middle-, and late-stage Alzheimer's disease.


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