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Tips for Communicating With the Hearing Impaired


Updated March 04, 2008

Although most communication changes with your loved one are due to the way Alzheimer's affects the brain, hearing problems might make communication even more difficult. Here are some tips for communicating with your loved one if he or she has a hearing problem as well as Alzheimer's disease:

  • Always approach your relative from the front, and stay standing or sitting in front of him throughout your conversation.

  • If your loved one doesn't see you approach, say his name and lightly touch his arm to alert him of your presence.

  • Don't shout -- instead, speak slowly, distinctly, and in a low tone of voice.

  • Try communicating non-verbally (for example, try pointing) or writing down your message.

  • Make sure that your relative is wearing a working hearing aid, if prescribed.


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