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Urinalysis -Urine Test


Updated: September 29, 2006

Diagnostic Tests for Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Urinalysis is a routine diagnostic test that is performed when doctors suspect a numbers of conditions and diseases that can cause symptoms similar to those of dementia. Urinalysis is the physical and or chemical examination of the urine. The test screens for abnormalities such as the presence of blood, renal disease, urinary tract infection, diabetes, heart disease and other types of diseases or conditions where products broken down within the body will show abnormalities in the urine.

Collection of Urine Samples
Urine samples need to be collected in sterile containers supplied by your doctor or health care facility. This avoids contamination of the urine sample. An early morning urine sample is best because the urine is more concentrated and will be more likely to show up any abnormalities.

Testing of the Urine Sample
Tests can be performed (1) using a reactive dipstick that has pads of chemicals that change color in the presence of various substances and (2) by laboratory analysis. These tests will show the presence of:

Bilirubin (a product of breakdown of hemoglobin), glucose, hemoglobin, ketones (a by-product of fat metabolism that can indicate diabetes or starvation), proteins, nitrites (present in urinary tract infection) Urine pH (the acidity or alkalinity of the urine), urobilinogen (a product of the breakdown of bilirubin).
The color of the urine can indicate disease, hydration, and a test is made to test for the urines specific gravity that shows how concentrated or dilute the urine.

Laboratory analysis will also show any abnormalities such as the presence of bacteria and microorganisms, blood, tubular and epithelial cells, crystals, fats, mucous, white blood cells indicating the presence of infection.

Urinalysis Test Results
This simple test will help your doctor make a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease by excluding diseases that can produce similar symptoms to Alzheimer's disease.

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