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Challenging Behavior and Alzheimer's Disease


Updated: August 11, 2006

What is Challenging Behavior?

Defining the Problem of Challenging Behavior
Challenging behaviors is a term used to describe certain types of maladaptive behaviors. Other terms such as problem behaviors, disruptive behaviors, or difficult behaviors, are commonly used to describe a variety of different behaviors. The problem with these terms is that they suggest it is the individual that is the problem. The emphasis is important because we need to understand the causes of challenging behavior in order to change the situation effectively.

What do we mean by Challenging Behaviors?
Challenging behavior may include shouting and screaming, violence, pacing and wandering, biting self and others, throwing objects, repetitive questioning, tearing clothes, angry or tearful outbursts or disturbed sleep patterns.

Working Definitions of Challenging behaviour

  • Behavior that restricts the individual from taking part in everyday life

  • Behavior that presents a serious risk to the physical safety of an individual

  • Behavior that presents a serious risk to the physical safety of others
  • Who deals with challenging behavior?

    Behavior that is a problem to one person may not be to another. It is better to view challenging behavior as an issue for caregivers and service providers to understand and respond to, in order to give those with Alzheimer’s the best quality of life and care possible.

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