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My Mother, My Child cont:


Updated: November 27, 2006

I also noticed that turning the pages presented a problem. The pages were thin and she couldn't turn them. I tried crayons and books, six piece puzzles - nothing seemed to click. Then one day I had a deck of old fish cards from my grandchildren's younger days. These cards have colorful pictures on them and fitted into her hands just right. She now spends hours just sitting there moving the cards around and playing her own kind of game.

I feel you just need to find what works. After a while I bought different types of game cards and now she has different pictures that she enjoys. Besides the cards I discovered that if I give her the front of holiday and birthday cards she will sit and enjoy looking at them, also they are heavyweight so tearing isn't really a dilemma.

I walk her around the house daily or take her for a walk in the mall since this is excellent exercise for her. Just going outside for a drive in the car is an exciting pleasure for her. She is grateful to look out the window and just see different things.

Communication isn't there anymore but she knows me. I can tell by the way her eyes light up when she see me, she knows I belong to her. When you look into a crib and the baby smiles, it is the same feeling. My mom knows me but can't tell me my name.

Sometimes when I feel like I am weighted down because it is a lot taking care of her, I go into my bedroom and look at pictures of me as a child. There is one picture of my first day of school, all dressed up really pretty and my hair curled, my mom did all this for me. She taught me to tie my shoes, comb my hair, get dressed and now it is my turn to do these things for her.

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