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Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease


While several medications are available to treat Alzheimer's, none of them can stop or reverse the disease. Still, many families have found that treatments improve quality of life and help keep their loved ones at home longer. Learn about available treatments so you can make the best decision about medications for you or your loved one. Find out how to work more effectively with your doctor and health care team. Also, can Alzheimer's be prevented? Find out how to reduce your risk for Alzheimer's by changing your lifestyle.
  1. Medications and Non-Drug Interventions
  2. Healthcare Resources and Professionals
  3. Risk Reduction

Medications and Non-Drug Interventions

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Get the low-down on medications for Alzheimer's disease, as well as learn about some non-drug approaches that you can use to treat Alzheimer's and respond to its challenges.

Healthcare Resources and Professionals

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After a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, it's essential to work effectively with the health care team and understand your options. Learn how to advocate for your loved one, weigh the different options for professional care and what holistic care for Alzheimer's looks like.

Risk Reduction

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While we can't immunize ourselves against Alzheimer's, scientists have discovered several risk factors that influence our chances of developing the disease. Some factors are out of our control, but others depend on our own decisions and habits. Find out how to reduce your risk for developing Alzheimer's by making healthy lifestyle choices.

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